July 2006

Daniel Devlin | Janko Matic | Michael Wedgwood | Brian Dawn Chalkley

Aya Fukami | Eddie Farrell | Caroline McCambridge | Michael Kutschbach

Wendy Repass | Katarina Dragoslavic | Natasa Ljubetic | Janice Harding

Craig Andrews | Yen-Sik Kim | William Mackrell | Tomaz Kramberger 

Doug Lewis Julius Welby | J.B. Klimack | Jessica Wiesner | Paul Carr

Lada Sega | Bruce McLean | Graham Hayward | Christine Booker

David Smith | Sea-Hyun Lee | Gabi Miks | Ron Haselden | Jo Melvin

Linda Lencovic | Herzog Dellafiore | Danijel Visak

preparatory trip (April 2006)

Susak Expo 2006 is not an exhibition. 


It is, however, a circumstance, a situation and an event entitled Extended Platforms: no plans, just a time and place. What happens when you put in place a structure that has all the potentiality for art to be made but  at the same time has no expectations and leaves all outcomes open?