July 2006

Daniel Devlin | Janko Matic | Michael Wedgwood | Brian Dawn Chalkley

Aya Fukami | Eddie Farrell | Caroline McCambridge | Michael Kutschbach

Wendy Repass | Katarina Dragoslavic | Natasa Ljubetic | Janice Harding

Craig Andrews | Yen-Sik Kim | William Mackrell | Tomaz Kramberger 

Doug Lewis Julius Welby | J.B. Klimack | Jessica Wiesner | Paul Carr

Lada Sega | Bruce McLean | Graham Hayward | Christine Booker

David Smith | Sea-Hyun Lee | Gabi Miks | Ron Haselden | Jo Melvin

Linda Lencovic | Herzog Dellafiore | Danijel Visak

preparatory trip (April 2006)

Susak Expo 2006 is not an exhibition. 


It is, however, a circumstance, a situation and an event entitled Extended Platforms: no plans, just a time and place. What happens when you put in place a structure that has all the potentiality for art to be made but  at the same time has no expectations and leaves all outcomes open?

on wheelbarrows

on wheelbarrows

and the shadowy realm of inference


by Jo Melvin


on wheelbarrows

Susak coversations reflctions

notes on the idea of situation


by Jo Melvin


by Eddie Farrell (August 2006)

I present this account and recollection of my experience as a participant of the Susak Expo 2006. The text is really a script and helped inform me of how it might read. The criticism, in the main is directed at the project’s failures and as a group member, I do not exclude myself from this. Furthermore, I feel that it would be rude and ungrateful to write this account without crediting Daniel Devlin: his efforts in getting everyone there, making sure they had accomodation and good food during their stay on the island. The texts quoted are … a piece of … from Bruce McLean. Descuors Susacki and the social contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau – the book I struggled to read on the island.