Not Available in Good Bookshops [ISBN 978-1-905659-14-2] is a crowd created publication that was imagined,designed and developed by some of the exhibitors and visitors to Sluice__2017 and published by SUSAK PRESS. It was open to contributions from 12:00 noon on Saturday 30 September 2017 to 18:00 on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

If you would like to pre-order a printed copy, please contact Dorothy.

CONTRIBUTORS: Treyer England, Keran James, Stefan Riebel, Alexa Clifford, James Randell, Natasha Kahn, Jesus Telleria, Lia Boscu, Lime Green, Brett Brubaker, Frank Bobbins, Georgina Burgess, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Giulia Trojano, Ana Čavić, Renee O’Drobinak, Keith Heywood, Harry Dougall, Ilana Blumberg, Dominic Appleton, Daniel Devlin, Karl England, Will Gresson, Else Potz, Luca, Marcus Cope, Michael Keenan, David Syrus.

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