London Book Classics

The London Books Classics series gives us the chance to (re)-discover marginalised writers such as Gerald Kersh, Simon Blumenfeld, James Curtis, John Sommerfield and Robert Westerby. I fell upon them through a tie up with the RMT plus it has the added bonus of John King (one of London’s best writers: The Football Factory, Headhunters, England Away) being involved in getting these essential books republished. If you’re searching for stories that capture a vanishing, crumpled London town look no further….. There Ain’t No Justice – James Curtis Doctor Of The Lost – Simon Blumenfeld Jew Boy – Simon Blumenfeld The Angel And The Cuckoo – Gerald Kersh May Day – John Sommerfield They Drive By Night – James Curtis Wide Boys Never Work – Robert Westerby A Start In Life – Alan Sillitoe Night And The City – Gerald Kersh The Gilt Kid – James Curtis


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