Zampano^/Truant/ us

In Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves the footnotes of Johnny Truant unravel, compete and interfere with the found words of Zampano^. They reveal… these add ons. Extra codes of information become the story. The bits situated, hidden/secreted historically at the tail end of the page….lost, unfound….discarded, unread. Always on the outside, looking in. Not now. Now the background becomes the foreground. Johnny Truant becomes Zampano^.   The footnotes expand, like a growth, each turn bigger in size just like the mixing corridors in Navidson’s house. The footnotes tell the story………like a detective, a private eye. a sharman, a Nick Sharman! a sleuth.. ..un covering the layers, re pitching information together. Johnny Truant’s footnotes….they spin a yarn, a poker game of tall tales out of school. Pages like stills; the stills like leafs of critical di sleouth scharge…an essay. The footnotes are the story. The voice x 5. Johnny Truant..Zampano^’s voice/story/sound….his sound….the dying growl of Zampano^ inside/outside……the reader (us)…..Navidson….Mark Z. Danielewski. Who is Mark z. Danielewski? (Nick Sharman?) : Zampano^/Truant/us…… the reader outside….outsiders….yet inside. Insiders of these pages/ the house. Banging. Stab. Ou

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